Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3GS New BootRom with Sn0wBreeze

Update : Sn0wBreeze 2.0.2 was released with the fix for error 17 – 40

Good news for iPhone 3GS , 3G , iPod Touch 3G & 2G users . There is a new Sn0wBreeze Jailbreak released few hours ago [version 2.0.1] , which can easily jailbreak your iDevice running on new bootrom. With Sn0wBreeze 2.0.1 you can create custom firmware for your iPhone , like you did with Pwnage Tool on Mac . Follow the simple method below to jailbreak your iPhone on your Windows machine.

Things to have before jailbreaking your phone :

  1. SnowBreeze version 2.0.1 [SnowBreeze Download link]
  2. Download iOS version 4.1
  3. iTunes 10
  4. Windows OS
  5. iPhone 3GS New Bootrom[must be previously jailbroken on bootrom 3.1.2]
  6. iPhone 3GS Old BootRom [ Must be already jailbroken. If you are jailbroken using userland jailbreak ( Spirit , JailbreakMe) install Spirit2Pwn from http://repo.woowiz.net ]

Steps to jailbreak Iphone 3GS – 3G on Sn0wBreeze

  1. Start SnowBreeze on your Windows PC running Windows 7 – Vista on Administrator mode and connect your iPhone
  2. Now in the next screen select Expert Mode
  3. Select Browse and choose the iOS 4.1 firmware we downloaded above
  4. Open the .ipsw file and your device will be automatically detected for jailbreaking
  5. Select the Blue arrow button on your right bottom to proceed
  6. In the next screen , Select General and continue
  7. Here you will come across the screen belowsn0wbreeze-2.0.1-Jailbreak-iOS-4.1If you are on a Factory Unlocked phone , Dont choose to Activate your iPhone 3GS , rest at your discretion
  8. In the next Screen Select Cydia
  9. Proceed with the selections [this is the simple part –  so I am not elaborating ]
  10. Click on BUILD IPSW and wait for the process to be completed
  11. After the new firmware is created . Put your iPhone 3GS on DFU mode . [Read How-to DFU tutorial here ]
  12. Open iTunes 10 and press Shift key on your keyboard while you click on the Restore button in iTunes
  13. Choose the firmware named “Sn0wbreeze_iPhone_XXX” and confirm your restore.

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