Jailbreak Detection API Removed by Apple

According to reports from gadget blog NetworkWorld , Apple has silently dropped the api required to detect if an iphone is jailbroken and unlocked . This api is used by apps to find if a iDevice [iphone ipod touch 4 ipad] is running on compromised iOS firmware .

iphone 4 api

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This api was introduced by Apple in June this year as part of Mobile Device Management or MDM Bundle , and made it easier for app vendors to run codes on iOS based devices running iOS 4.0 and later version to determine if it has been jailbroken , thereby triggering automatic responses in the program alerting the developer server and shutting down or limiting access to some services .

According to Apple :

Jailbroken devices pose a serious security threat to the enterprise. Even if the end-user doesn’t intend to load malware, he will be completely unaware of malware present in unauthorized apps.

Here Apple is referring to jailbreak apps as unauthorised apps which may contain malware , one potential risks of jailbreaking the phone . However the silent removal of the API comes as a victory for the jailbreak team who are fighting for iphone jailbreak to be accepted worldwide by all iphone users and developers.

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