Double iPhone Battery Life with BattSaver

Here is a new jailbreak app that allows you to preserve your iPhone battery power and run more hours . BattSaver saves more battery juice and gives around twice the backup than normal by turning off some features automatically when not needed .

increase iphone battery life-Optimized

Battery Saving Modes :

  • Normal – Disable radios on the device
  • Aggressive – Normal plus disables data if WiFi is connected
  • Ultimate – Radios needs to be enabled manually
  • Custom – User Optimized settings (details below)

BattSaver turns  off WiFi and Cellular Data when not required , hence preserving valuable battery power in the process . You can get more battery life with slight customizations based on your usage of the device  The custom mode allows the following battery customizations .

  • Turn off radios with device – Saves battery when your device is in sleep mode
  • Turn on radios in background – Connect at regular intervals to get emails and notifications
  • Radios wake-up interval – Minimum time between wake-up while running at the background
  • Turn off data if WiFi on – Save battery by disabling EDGE and 3G data while WiFi is available
  • Delay before radios on/off – the time limit at which iPhone will sleep and wake up
  • Manage critical battery level – Turn to Ultimate mode if battery is less than 15 %
  • Save statistics –  visual display of power usage in graphical mode
  • Radio management – for managing individual radio options

Download and Installation :

BattSaver is available on Cydia. You must jailbreak iPhone first and install it from Cydia by paying $2.99 . This is a premium app . The jailbreak app maybe available on iHackStore and other repositories ( recommended for testing purposes only ).

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