iTunes 10.6.1 Download Available

Apple has released iTunes 10.6.1 for download on Mac and Windows which fix various bugs on previous version and feature improvements . iTunes 10.6 released earlier in the iPad 3 event unknowingly introduced a number of bugs which became apparent when users were playing videos, changing artwork size while in grid view and synchronizing photographs to an attached Apple device .

itunes 10.6.1

iTunes 10.6.1 Changelog :

  1. Fixes bugs that may cause iTunes to quit while playing videos, changing art work size in grid view, and syncing pictures
  2. Fixes the issue of iTunes where interface elements are incorrectly described by Voice Over and Window Eyes.
  3. Fixes iTunes problem of getting stuck while syncing iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle.
  4. Fixes problem while browsing TV episodes in  the iTunes library using Apple TV.

Download  :

Download iTunes on your computer directly using existing iTunes installation or visit on your browser . File Size 46.6MB .

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