Is it Time to Face Facts and Admit That Jailbreaking is Dead?

Jailbreak teams across the world are struggling with providing untethered solutions for devices running iOS 5 and higher.  Does this mean that jailbreaking is on its way out ?  One of the reasons for the struggle is that the guys over at Apple are getting a little bit smarter and are beefing up security to unheard of levels, despite the fact that jailbreaking is perfectly legal, in the USA anyway.


The fact that Apple have hired Kristen Paget, ex-microsoft white hat hacker extraordinaire to work for them speaks volumes. For those that don’t know, Kristen was part of the hack team responsible for delaying Windows Vista for so long and eventually forcing Windows to lock it down so tight there are no possible gaps to get through.  If she is now going to be working on iOS 5 and upwards then the doorway for jailbreakers to get through is slowly going to be closing.

The second thing that is against jailbreak successes is that, quite simply, iOS can do a lot of the things that phones were jailbroken to do. Once upon a time, you had to jailbreak your iPhone if you wanted it to do certain things, like act as a wi-fi hotspot. Now, iOS includes these things as part standard. Of course, it’s quite possible that Apple have a nice neat list of tweaks that they are ticking off as and when they get them into new firmware versions. If that is the case, then jailbreaking will not die because Apple would have nowhere to get their ideas from