Is iPhone 5 Prone to Bending

The iPhone 5 has taken some heat since it was launched in September. First, we had the Maps App fiasco. Then we had reports of some iPhone 5’s being delivered with minor damage to them.  This time though, it’s a little out of the ordinary.  Reports are coming in that the iPhone 5 is bent – quite literally.

iPhone-5-bent (2)

The reports are coming in mainly from China where the device has just been released. Apparently, put under pressure, the iPhone 5 will bend. Being that the phone has been manufactured from aluminum, a softer metal than the stainless steel of previous versions, it’s quite possible that, under the right circumstances the phone will bend.  It’s a slightly bigger device than previously and doesn’t fit in the pocket quite so well, so putting it in a back pocket and forgetting its there when you sit down could quite possibly produce a bend in the phone. However, some forum users are saying that the bends are developing on their own. One case described how the bend was so bad that the front glass panel came loose and the band bent backwards. All reports are putting the point of the bend at near to the volume down button though, so maybe this is a particular area of weakness.

iPhone-5-bent (1)

iPhone-5-bent (3)

Apple are apparently swapping damaged phones if they feel that the damage wasn’t caused by the user.  This is a situation that could be very real or it could just have been manufactured by someone who is looking for a little attention or for a replacement phone but doesn’t want to pay for one.  Either way, the situation does warrant closer monitoring, but until we receive official word from Apple, we’ll reserve judgement.