iPod Touch with 3G Connectivity Coming This Year

Next generation iPod Touch 5 may have the ability to use 3G . Currently iPod Touch only supports WiFi and comes contract free from Apple . You can buy an iPod Touch from an Apple Store or any Music Store and connect straight away with your Home WiFi to access internet , music and apps from iTunes .

ipod touch 4

With 3G connectivity , your iPod will be able to do almost as the iPhone with that smart price tag of sub $250 . As it might be expected Jailbreaking will bring new possibilities [calling , texting , video calling] just like iPhoneItiPad app which allows calling and sms on 3G enabled iPad .

The new 3G design will require additional antenna and circuitry to fit in the device . We can expect a design change this fall with the new iPod Touch 5 releasing alongside the iPhone 5 .

According to latest reports :

It will work just like the iPad where you get a 3G enabled micro sim card from your provider and put that in you iPod Touch 5 . This will bring the usage of 3G services at a high .

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