Ipod to Iphone Conversion Kit – Make Phone Calls from your Ipod Touch

Convert your Ipod Touch to somewhat close to and Iphone using conversion kits. As published in Engadget , these conversion kits contain an Infineon baseband chip,which offers voice calling and text messaging (requires a jailbroken iPod touch for the apps ) with no GPRS access at the moment. These chips are manufactured in China and priced around $44 – $74.

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Apple Peel 520 is an basically and external adapter case that will probably hack your iPod Touch to have the functionality of a cellular device. While the iPod touch wasn’t designed to make mobile phone calls, it would be pretty cool if you could turn it into an iPhone .

Update : A little more in detail what works inside .

ipod_touch_conversion_kit (1)

ipod_touch_conversion_kit (2)

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