Defend yourself with new iPhone Pepper Spray Case

Security is important for everyone especially for girls, people who carry costly products and those who travel single at night. Now with this  innovative idea , anyone can protect themselves by just carrying their iPhone’s along with this Pepper Spray Case.

iPhone Pepper Spray Case is a new iPhone case for personal protection that comes with a slim and sleek compartment for pepper spray. This case is released by an US company called Spraytect and produced by a bothered father who wanted his daughter to have a socially acceptable and compact self protective mechanism to protect herself whenever she is in danger.

How to use iPhone Pepper Spray Case ?

  1. From the back of the iPhone Case, snap the pepper spray canister
  2. Release the safety clip from the actuator on the canister
  3. Rotate the top-level down and when the bright yellow color is completely visible,this indicates that the case is ready to fire
  4. Rotate the Pepper Spray case horizontallypepper spray case use iphone 5
  5. Now depress the actuator to fire
  6. Remember, burst should be as short as half second in duration

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Contents and Features :

  • A fashionable case that is available in different Colors – White, Black, Blue,Turquoise and Pastel Pink
  • Includes a tester cartridge of Habanero pepper spray for practicing, installing and firing
  • Does not release chemical weapon to air
  • Replacement cartridges are available and they can be chosen on your case color
  • Available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models
  • More importantly, sets anyone’s mucus membranes on fire

The iPhone Pepper Spray Case is available for $40 and the replacement cartridges are available for $18. Now carry this self protective iPhone Pepper Spray Case with style and walk securely around the streets !

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