iPhone Nano Pictures

With the WWDC 2012 (Apple’s Annual Event where it showcases its latest product release – iPhone) round the corner , talks of a smaller and cheaper iPhone (Nano) is circulating the internet . Will Apple release two iPhone’s this year [iPhone 5 and iPhone Nano] ?

iphone nano picture
Its being rumored that Apple is working on affordable iPhone to beat competition from Google Android Phones . The new nano model will be priced around $125 as opposed to the pricey iPhone models . iPhone Nano will have No Contract subsidy . Below are some rumors and concept iPhone Nano pictures . Please share .

Rumors :

  1. Apple will cut price by using older left over hardware parts in iPhone Nano.
  2. It will have smaller memory capacity like th Apple TV 2G [8GB system memory] as most of the data will be stored in the cloud [iCloud] , from where it can stream and sync data .
  3. Only Real-Time data will be stored in the RAM

More iPhone Nano pictures . :


iphone nano picture

iPhone-nanonano iphone picture nano iphone

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