iPhone Multi-Touch Screen Gloves for Winter

Winter is nearly upon us and we all know how difficult it can be to handle our phones with gloves on.  With a touchscreen device you can’t because they just don’t respond to gloved fingers.We either have to wait until we are somewhere warm or let our hands freeze while using the phone.  Not anymore though. Mujjo have come up with the perfect pair of touchscreen gloves.

iphone gloves

Touchscreen gloves are not a new concept but many of the ones available on the market today are very restrictive, allowing only one or two fingers to be used. Not so with the Mujjo gloves.  They have been designed and fully tested to be functional so that every part of the hand and every finger can be used. They have been knitted from the highest quality yarn with the best anti-pilling  properties and laced with extra spandex for a more elasticized feel, making them highly stretchable whilst retaining their shape. To make them work on touchscreen devices Mujjo have designed their gloves with more high quality, silver-coated nylon knitted in than any other touchscreen glove on the market. This makes them conductive enough to work on almost any touchscreen device.

The Mujjo Touchscreen glove is available in 2 sizes, S/M and M/L and comes in 5 colors – Black, Sandstone, Natural Grey, Coral Pink and Lavender. They are priced at between $30 and $35 per pair.

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For the more discerning look, Mujjo have also designed a pair of leather touchscreen gloves. Made from the highest quality Ethiopian lambskin, these gloves make use of a revolutionary built-in nano technology, thus rendering them compatible with almost any touch screen device. Because the technology works independently from the human skin the gloves have been fully insulated with a 100% soft wool lining. They are also wind and waterproof, soil resistant and contain excellent anti-microbial properties.

iphone leather-touchscreen-gloves

Like their woolen counterparts function is not restricted to one or two fingers. The leather touchscreen glove from Mujjo is available for around $167. You can buy cheaper alternatives for leather touch screen gloves for $35 or less online. Link .