iPhone Micro USB Adapter

Apple has started to sell Micro USB adapter for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad . These adapters will support micro usb that can be inserted in the regular 30 pin dock connector and used for iTunes Syncing and ChargingĀ  (image below).

apple-micro usb-adaptorThe introduction of the new usb adapter is to minimize useless cable incompatibilities and be compliant to the standards existent in various countries . For example all phones sold in the EU are required to support micro USB .

Features :

  • For use with iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio and a Micro USB port for syncing and charging
  • Use this adapter when traveling internationally
  • Simply plug-in the adapter and use a Micro USB charger or cable.
  • Lightweight and compact design makes for great portability.

Where to Buy :

The micro usb adapter is backward compatible with all older generation iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch . It is similar to the micro usb adapters already available in the market for $8 as shown here – Link . You can use somebody else’s mini usb charger to charge and sync your iPhone .