iPhone Jailbreakers – Who are They ?

We all know about iPhone Dev Team , we have heard about Chronic Dev Team who created the famous GreenPoison Jailbreak for iPhone 4 [for iOS 4.1 and later] . Few names we hear quite often like MuscleNerd , Geohot , Sherif Hashim. Have you ever seen the guys who are behind all the jailbreak and unlock tools you use . This post will reveal the hot shots of the jailbreaking world  .

iphone hardware unlock

Lets start with GeoHot . George Francis Hotz, alias geohot was the first ever iphone jailbreaker and unlocker to bring the unlock solution at the age of 17 . [purplera1n year 2009 , blackrain year 2009 and the latest limera1n year 2010 ] .

george hotz picture


Recently got himself into some serious trouble with electronics giant Sony over PlayStation 3 Jailbreak [ Read the whole story here]. Dont miss watching his Rap Video we have posted earlier. The guy is a professional rapper . CNN Covered the News back in year 2009 – watch the YouTube Video below .

MuscleNerd : Wow Muscles , Follow him on twitter @MuscleNerd .


The hairy dude you see here is Jay Freeman aka Saurik , the creator of Cydia [The jailbreak App Store ]. His twitter handle @Saurik


PlanetBeing : The first guy ever to reveal the world’s first carrier unlocked iphone 4 . Follow him on twitter @planetbeing


Sherif Hashim : The Egyptian iphone baseband hacker is a Neurosurgeon by professional . Follow him on twitter @Sherif_Hashim

sherif hasim

Comex : The 19-Year Old iPhone Hacker Who Keeps Outsmarting Apple. He was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine .

comex picture

If you have more images of Dev Team Jailbreaks , do share with us . We will be happy to post it with due credits to the contributor . I you want to add and contribute extra information not listed above , I will be happy to receive and publish it in this post . Do Share this article and Support the Jailbreak Team for their hard work and dedication to serve the iphone users community .

Update : Here is a get together by jailbreak team in the recently held DefCon Conference for hackers and programming enthusiast from around the world . We can only identify three of them , JayFreeman , P0sixNinja (in green) and Geohot . Guess who are the rest . The image has been cropped to fit the width of the page .

jailbreak team 1

jailbreak team 2

Update 2 : This picture was taken few hours before the Hackers Developers conference . Featuring Chronic De Team on their way to HITB conference to deliver keynote on exploit being used in Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak .

Chronic-Dev-Team team members

Left to Right : @pimskeks @iOPK @pod2g @p0sixninja and @planetbeing