Apple Fighting Back Jailbreak Legality – Says Violates Copyright

According to MacDailyNews , Apple has asked the Federal Government to control Iphone Jailbreaking and help crack down hackers who are developing codes for jailbreaking iPhone.

jailbreaking banned

According to reports from news channel NBC , Apple told U.S. Copyright Office that the current Jailbreaking allows unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted boot loader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs. Jailbreaking is the term used by iPhone Hackers for Cracking software restrictions which then allows installing un-approved versions of third-party software on their device.

According to new DMCA Act 2010 , iPhone Jailbreaking & Unlocking is deemed legal in United States. Read the Jailbreak Legalization article for more details . This news comes soon after Sony Corp. sued GeoHot for Jailbreaking PlayStation 3 [more on that in my next article].

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