iPhone Controlled iSpy Tank – Apple Toys

There’s a new toy out for those big kids amongst you to play with. It’s a miniature tank that is not only controlled by your iPhone with the help of an app, it also has a camera built-in as well – perfect for a little bit of covert spying. It’s really simple to use; download the app onto your device and use it to manoeuvre the tank around. You can also use it to change the angle of the camera and you can have live video feed sent straight to your device.

ispy tank  (1) ispy tank  (2)

Called the i-Spy Tank , it runs on 6 AA batteries and works over Wi-Fi over a distance of around 30 meters or 100 feet.  It features a mic for live sound, takes stills and videos and also has undetectable infrared making night vision easy.

The tank is made by iHelicopter, the people who brought us similar idevice toys such as the helicopter and RC cars.  They say:

“The i-Spy Tank offers top-notch gaming experience and adds a whole new level of functionality for those who want to get the most out of their iDevice.”

Where to Buy and Download App :

The i-Spy tank can be purchased from Amazon.com at the special price of just $99 (will be $119) and free delivery worldwide. Here is the product link . The app is called i-Spy Toys and can be downloaded, free of charge from iTunes here .

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