iPhone Call Recorder – Skype – Viber – VoIP Calls

Here is a call recorder app for iPhone 4S – iPhone 4 that lets you record all incoming and outgoing voice calls made via any VoIP provider like Viber , Skype etc . SkyRecorder is an easy to your voice recorder that can quickly record any conversation with the tap of a button . To use the app just launch this recorder app before you start a conversation (by dialing) or launch it during a call by pressing the home button and going to the homescreen to launch the recorder app .

iphone call recorder skype viber incoming calls

Features of SkyRecorder Voice Call Recorder App :

  1. Record Unlimited Calls both incoming and outgoing
  2. Supports external Mic
  3. Export recorded audio using USB via iTunes in .wav format
  4. Easy to use interface

Download :

You can download SkyRecorder from iTunes for $1.99 . iTunes Link .

UPDATE 24/01/2015

Support for SkyRecorder does not appear to have been updated since this article was published so this will not work for anyone who has updated their iOS firmware. However, if you have jailbroken your iPhone there is another option. It’s called Audio Recorder and it lets you download and store audio calls. It has recently been updated with support for iOS 7 and iOS 8 and you can find more information on how to download it here, free of charge, from Cydia

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