Iphone App for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the breast cancer awareness month and we would like to add our bit to support this by posting some information about health related iphone apps on App Store .

health_app_iphone_4Breast cancer can affect women of all ages . Being breast aware is vital to all women, including younger women. Early detection has proved to save many lives, and it is never too early to start being breast aware & check your breasts on a regular basis.

An Australian based doctor named Dr. Kath Giles is the person behind the idea of developing this app called Dr K’s Breast Checker.  Dr. Kath aka Dr. K realized that more and more people need to know about breast cancer and thought an iPhone app may be the right way to communicate with women of the world.


The first of its kind, this health app will prompt women to be breast aware, using unique interactive tools to help identify any changes in their breasts.

Download the app for $2.49 from iTunes here . Dont forget to share this post with your friends. In a way you will be participating in this awareness campaign by doing so.