iPhone 6 might Release by June 2013

The holidays are over and the rumor mills are firmly back in action. This time, despite the fact that there have been no leaks, it’s about the iPhone 6. At least 2 analysts have predicted that the new iPhone will be available in a wide range of colors and screen sizes, and we have also heard that developers have spotted testing on the app usage logs coming from Cupertino. Ed Valdez of Technorati seems to be of the opinion that the new iPhone will be released in June 2013.


His predictions are based on a number of things, including :

  • Apple’s new product launches are getting closer together, leading him to believe that a new release is imminent.  There are good reasons for the gap-closing though, including seasonal trade, required upgrades and more market competition.
  • The tech market is moving along at a much faster pace than it ever has and Apple will want to keep ahead of the competition and keep their customers happy – no manufacturer wants to lose customers because they can’t keep up to date.
  • Competition with Samsung. There is not much to say about that one. It’s a given that Apple and Samsung are in heavy competition but there are other manufacturers out there as well.

There really isn’t any conclusive evidence that supports a release date in June. The only good reason why Apple might decide to launch then is to keep a bit of distance between the new iPhone and the new iPad 5 and Mini 2. While we are pretty certain that these will be released in September or October 2013, there is nothing certain about the new iPhone, except there will be one, at some point in time.

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