iPhone 6 Concept based on iPod Nano Design

Despite record sales of the iPhone 5, over 50 million sold in one-quarter, as per usual there are those who believe that it could be vastly improved upon with a design and OS upgrade.  Concepts are common practice now and yesterday anther one emerged – a concept of the new iPhone 6.  This concept comes from Federico Ciccarese, known for his Apple concepts and his vision of the future is pretty stunning.




The new iPhone would look totally different with a design based on the iPod Nano, although it does look eerily like the Nokia Lumia. A new operating system would be called iOSX, a combination of iOS and OS X and the icons would be much larger. There are no other specifications available but, if this were to become a reality, it would be an absolute stunner. Take a look at his concept video and see what you think.

Source : Ciccarese Design