iPhone 5S to launch in June 2013 with NFC and Multiple Color options

With the iPhone 5 still being released around the world, it seems a bit much to be talking about the next one. However, the rumor mills are grinding again and Jeffries analyst, Peter Misek has his own thoughts on the matter. He is of the firm belief that the iPhone 5S will be released in June 2013 and it will have several features that are slightly different from the current model.

iphone 5s colours

It will reportedly have a super HD display and camera, a far better battery and NFC, or Near Field Communication, something that was expected to be in the iPhone 5 but never appeared.  It is also expected to follow the lines of other well-known smartphones and be available in a range of different colours.  One final rumor is that, as well as the normal 8,16,32 and 64 GB models there may well be a 128 GB model with IGZO screen for Retina+.

iphone 5s concept

iphone 5s

At the moment, this is all pure speculation, although we have already seen pictures that purported to be the outer shell of the new iPhone.  Even the name is not a dead cert yet, as some think that Apple may go straight to the iPhone 6 and skip out the 5S altogether. The only thing that does seem to be certain is that there will be a new iPhone of some description in 2013. Whether the rumors are true or not is something that we will not know until nearer production or launch date.