iPhone 5s Release Date Rumors

Less than 2 months after the release of the iPhone 5, gossip is sweeping the streets. Rumour has it that the iPhone 5s is set to make its debut in January or February 2013.  Whilst it appears that Apple are starting to mess around with their schedule of releases a little, waiting less than 6 months may seem to be considered a crazy move.

iphone 5 vs iphone 4s

The iPhone 5 has enjoyed phenomenal success in the short time it has been available and it seems a little unorthodox to replace such a success with an upgrade within 6 months. After all, Apple spent a great deal of time and money in producing the iPhone 5 so are they likely to upgrade it so quickly ?

Of course, that is just one rumour. Another one states that the iPhone 5s is due for release in June 2013 at the very earliest, after the WWDC- Worldwide Developers Conference.  That would be more likely to be the date; the iPhone 5 will be losing its shine and sales may be dropping, time to hit the market with a new one. Yet another rumour will tell you that the iPhone 5s is just that – a rumour – and that Apple are skipping the upgrade altogether and bringing out the iPhone 6.  Much depends on the release of the latest operating system, iOS 7.  If that does not come out sometime in quarter 2 of 2013 then the iPhone 5s will be just a pipe dream for the time being.  Alternatively, of course, Apple could just stick with their normal procedure and release it in the Fall, as they did with this one.

The other train of thought is that these rumours are all one big publicity stunt – to force their competitors to release their newest products before they are ready, and what a coup that would be for Apple.

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