iPhone 5S Image Leaked

The iPhone 5S has apparently been spotted. The iPhone 5 only made its appearance in September and is only now wending its way into stores across the world so news of the 5S may come as a bit of a surprise to those who haven’t yet got the 5 in their hands. However, images have been leaked of what is apparently the external casing of the iPhone 5S.

Some Online iPhone Parts seller have released the images on their website saying that they must be the new design because of 2 major factors :

  • The information printed on the rear of the case has been replaced with X’s, indicating it is a test prototype;
  • The internal screws are placed differently, with some being removed altogether.


The iPhone 5S is not likely to be much different in visual design than the 5, with any changes probably being on the inside.  There are rumours that it could contain NFC support which would enable Apple to regain ground against some of the newer Android phones. Nothing else has been revealed yet although further rumours report that the device will go into a trial production period sometime this month and Apple may launch it earlier than planned next year.

Whether this is the external case of the iPhone 5S remains to be seen. It is, at the moment, pure speculation based on what is essentially the case of “an unknown iPhone model” according to the reseller who supplied it, and the chances are it could just be an older test model that didn’t make the cut and was discarded.

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