iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor to Cause Production Delay

A rumor comes to us today from DigiTimes, a Taiwanese site. The rumor says that the iPhone 5S could possibly experience supply constraints, due mainly to huge problems surrounding the manufacture of so many of them.  Apple apparently wanted to manufacture around 10 million iPhone 5S units, just in Q3, but that number looks to have been reduced to about 3-4 million instead.

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There are quite a few people who are of the option that there will not be a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. 13 months ago, Apple purchased AuthenTec, a fingerprint sensor specialist company, for $356 million. That, and the fact that Apple take years to develop each iPhone model, kind of gives it away that there will not be one, not this time around anyway. It’s a pretty good guess that development of the iPhone 5S was started 2 or 3 years ago and AuthenTec have only been a part of the Cupertino family for just over a year so the likelihood of them producing a solution that quick is unlikely.

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On to the number of units that Apple are looking for – anywhere from 3 to 10 million in Q3. Well, Q3 ends on 30th September. Apple are apparently holding their big media event on September 10th, at which point it’s expected that the iPhone 5S will be revealed. Let’s assume that they stick with past protocol and release the iPhone 5S 2 weeks after the event. That gives them just 4 days to push out that many devices. Yes, it has been done in the past so it is perfectly possible – for 3-4 million maybe but almost certainly unlikely for 10 million.

Image : Fingerprint Sensor Chip

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Let’s bear in mind though that the rumor comes from a company that is right about 50% of the time and wrong the other 50%. We’ll leave it to you to determine which you think this one is .