iPhone 5S Concept

The iPhone 5 was only released back in September but already people are talking about the next one. Some may think that the iPhone 5 has not lived up to expectations and doesn’t do what it is capable of.  Maybe they feel that Apple should put things right with the next model and, to that end, concepts are starting to appear of the way some think the iPhone 5S iPhone 6 should look like and what it should be capable of.  One of the more notable seen to date is from a french website.

iphone 5s-Optimized

Smartphones are already considered to be mini computers, probably none more so than the iPhone.  But how about if, with the touch of a couple of buttons, your iPhone could transform itself into a full size, fully functional Mac computer? Now, don’t get any ideas about the iPhone being a Transformer-style gadget. We’re talking about a projector included within the phone. Simply by laying the phone on a flat surface and tapping a button, an OS X screen could be projected onto a wall. And, with another tap, a full size working keyboard could be projected onto your desk. Hey presto, there you have a full size Mac computer that you can take anywhere with you in your pocket.

Of course this type of technology at this level is highly unlikely at least in the foreseeable future.  However, with a bit of thought and a lot of work, this sci-fi concept could be turned into a more realistic idea, although not for the next few models.  Other concepts have been based on patents that Apple currently have in the pipeline and include augmented reality function, E-Ink type screen and a “smart bezel” that would relocate the controls to the outer edges of the screen, making it easier to use without covering the display with your fingers.

As with all their new devices, Apple are keeping silent about this one but as soon as details are released of the next iPhone we’ll let you know.