iPhone 5 Water Resistance vs Samsung Galaxy S3

That’s right ! Yet another group of film makers eager to smash up as many new phones as possible.  Again this durability test is between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whilst the recent  drop tests have varied in the amount of damage inflicted on the iPhone, ranging from nothing more than a few cosmetic scratches to dents and fully broken screens, the one recurring feature throughout every test is that while the iPhone sometimes breaks the Samsung Galaxy S3 always does, and this test is no exception.

What must first be said in the S3’s defense though, is that it is quite clear that the tests are probably the least technical we have seen. In the initial drop test this is especially clear as the very way the phones are dropped  severely impacts on the outcome. The S3 was dropped screen down onto the floor whilst the iPhone was dropped on it’s edge. That was not a fair fight, but that isn’t the reason this video is so interesting as the real test comes when both phones are dropped into a swimming pool at the same time. There is no room for favoritism here as phone phones are, literally, thrown in at the deep end .

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Both are playing the same video when dropped  and the results are startling as the Galaxy S3 last only several seconds before shutting down completely with almost all functionality gone except a small response from the volume buttons. The iPhone seems to be almost waterproof as the only casualty is the screen, which appears unresponsive. The video was still playing once it was taken from the water, the sound was unimpaired and the home, lock and volume buttons all remained in working order. Has Apple implemented the hydrophobic nano coating on iPhone 5 ? We don’t know .

See the Tests in Action : YouTube