iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3 – Which is Better ?

It seems that no matter what the other company does, Apple and Samsung are determined to be at each other’s throats. Reports that Samsung were going to sue Apple over the use of LTE technology in their phones before the iPhone 5 had even been announced shows just how far the companies are willing to push each other.

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5

Now Apple’s use of the technology has been confirmed it is only a matter of time before they are once again in court. Although Apple have faced criticism over the fussy nature of their claims against Samsung it is impossible to ignore that Samsung phones look and work like a cheaper version of the iPhone, which is actually now swinging back round to being in Samsung’s favour. If their phones are like Apples, only less money, then why don’t people just get them instead ?

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III Side-by-Side

So here we are going to look at both companies flagship phones, the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, to see if it s worth buying what is being called a ‘cheaper version’ of the iPhone.

iPhone-5-Galaxy-S-III vs iphone 5

Dimensions and Weight :

Galaxy S3:
Width 70.6mm, Height 136.6mm, Depth 8.6mm and Weight 133g
iPhone 5:
Width 58.6mm, Height 123.8, Depth 7.6 and Weight 112g

iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner than Galaxy s3 . Galaxy S 3 is bigger in both height and width .

Screen and Display :

Galaxy S3:
4.8-inch, 720 x 1080 HD display
iPhone 5:
4-inch, Retina Display

Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5 with a big margin here .

Camera :

Galaxy S3 :
8MP rear camera with full HD recording at 30fps and front facing camera at 1.9MP capable of full HD recording.
iPhone 5:
8MP rear camera with full HD recording at 30fps and front facing ‘Face-time’ camera with 1.2MP camera and 720 HD recording. Panorama, face detection, tap to focus, image capture whilst recording, Geo-tagging and video stabilization.

The stats speak for themselves here .


Galaxy S3:
Up to 10 hours 3G talk time
iPhone 5:
Up to 8 hours 3G talk time


Galaxy S3 starting from £444.99iPhone 5 starting from £529


So which phone should you buy :

So it seems that the Galaxy S3 has a bigger screen, longer talk time and a better facing front camera. Why should you even think about buying the more expensive iPhone ? Well let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons that aren’t included in the specs that make the iPhone not only so popular but also make it cost more than it’s rivals.

iphone 5 back white samsung galaxy s3 back

The body of the iPhone 5 is made entirely of glass and aluminium. Although all touch screens phones are breakable the casing on the iPhone means that it can be dropped down the stairs without damaging the inner workings (don’t try that at home – although I have done it twice, accidentally, and my iPhone is still working perfectly). The S3’s lightweight polycarbonate, although durable, will never match up in the protection stakes, or to the weighty feel of the iPhone, although it stills weighs less then the S3.

On the subject of breakages, should anything go wrong with your iPhone you don’t need warranty to be able to pop it into a Genius Bar. Apple will provide you with expert help as soon as you need it for no fee at all. iPhone is smooth, it isn’t buggy, it isn’t temperamental, it has been designed, not always with the best specs available, but to work consistently and that it does marvellously.

The iPhone 5 doesn’t have an NFC chip, a massive screen and hasn’t come down in price to match it’s competitors, but Apple ensure that every single little detail they add into their phones is going to work effortlessly.

Upadate : Here is a poster made by an Apple Fan comparing the iPhone 5 with Samsung’s Galaxy s3 . to read the entire story , go here .

iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s3 difference

Update 2 : iPhone 5 benchmark results are out . iPhone 5 powered with A6 processor running at 1.02 Ghz speed beats all quad-core based android devices including Samsung’s Galaxy s3 . You can read the complete article here .

So do you think the iPhone is worth the money ? Or do you believe it is an overpriced mid-range phone ? However, no matter what anyone says, Apple is one of the most successful and popular companies of all time – and there has to be a reason for that.

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