iPhone 5 Video Stability Test vs Nokia Lumia 920

For those who have been keeping up to date with the iPhone 5’s tests against the Samsung S3 it might seem that the iPhone beating the S3 hands down in both speed and display tests was a stretching the truth or warping the facts. However, all tests are carried out by neutral third parties that have no interest in promoting one phone over the other. To prove as much here is a video showing the iPhone 5 being soundly beaten by it’s competitor the Nokia Lumia 920 in video stabilization.

iphone 5 vs nokia lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia, certainly under no threat from Apple over patent infringement cases as the whole design of this phone is completely different, unique and it’s own, has one of the best cameras in the smartphone market. It’s 8.7 mega pixels compared to the iPhone’s 8 mega pixel, and whilst that isn’t a huge difference in the grand scheme of things the Nokia certainly does video recording a lot better than it’s rival.

Video Test Results : iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

iphone 5 vs nokia lumia 920 video test

As can clearly be seen the iPhone 5 struggles to keep up with the quick walking pace as it blurs and jolts. The Lumia, not professional quality, but still faring a whole lot better. The image is clearer, stiller and sharper and it puts the iPhone 5’s stabilization to shame. The main reason for this huge difference in quality, despite the relatively small difference in pixels is that the Lumia offers Optical Stabilization and the iPhone offers only digital. Optical stabilization offers a mechanical solution to wobbling and jerking whereas digital electronically manipulates the pixels in order for the picture to appear more stable.

Whether this is something Apple will address in their iPhone 5S or 6 remains to be seen and is something we will no doubt have to wait quite a while to find out. The iPhone camera has always offered beautiful photography but it has never been the main selling point of the phone and it comes in a gracious second, third or fourth when compared to more superior phone cameras.