iPhone 5 Unboxing Video – YouTube

No doubt this video will send those awaiting their new iPhone’s green-eyed with envy but at least it is only one more day to wait. This video talks you through the unboxing of a brand new iPhone 5 , what’s in the box, what’s changed and what thousands of people all over the world can expect to see tomorrow when they buy or receive their new phone 5 .

iPhone 5 unboxing video youtube

The box, obvious bigger to accommodate the bigger screen, displays the iPhone in exactly the same manner as it always has; as you take of the lid it’s sitting neatly on top. Inside is the new lightening connector, the plug, the EarPods and the small amount of paperwork.

Scott Stein from CNET tech blog takes you through the packaging , EarPods, stickers, and all in his Unboxing Video of the iPhone 5 :

As the video rightly says Apple have never been big on literature preferring to give the customer the very basics and let them find out the rest for themselves. The EarPods come in their own little carry case, something that looks rather tricky to use, but they themselves certainly more comfortable than the old style earphones.

Up close in the video it is really easy to see just how much the connector has changed, it is tiny .  It is also lovely to get a close up look at the new design. I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the white iPhone 5 colour but with the new silver back it looks very sleek and quite gorgeous.

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Although watching a short video will never be the same as holding your brand new phone it might take the edge of the wait, and kill a couple of extra minutes in the wait for the release .