How to Make Nano SIM at Home

For iPhone 5 to be as thin and light as it is Apple has had to reduce the space taken up on the inside of the phone by getting rid of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. The new, tiny Nano Sim is evidence of this showing that even a few millimeters really make the difference when it comes to packing a lot of technology into a limited space.

sim iphone 5-

If you own a new iPhone 5 then chances are you have a new sim already, but if you don’t we are going to explain a way that could allow you to use your new phone in a matter of minutes – be warned, however, this does have the chance to go wrong and damage your sim irreparably if it is not done correctly. Try it on a few un-used sim for practice .

Method 1 : The Easy Method

This is fairly easy . Go to and buy a Nano Sim Cutter . This will cut a normal sim or a Micro Sim into the size of a Nano Sim . The cutter is shaped to the profile of a Nano Sim Card compatible with iPhone 5 . Link .

nano sim cutter iphone 5

Method 2 : Do-It-Yourself Method

You will need the following items :

  • A printer
  • A4 printing paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper or a file

Before we begin you will need to print out THIS diagram at the scale of 100% (diagram also shown below). We are going to proceed to cut down your Mini or Micro sim to a Nano Sim. This will involve cutting the actual gold contact of the sim and does carry the risk of corrupting your data. Ensure you are backed up and have everything valuable saved.

  1. Align your Mini or Micro sim with the correct outline on the sheet. Mini goes in the middle and Micro on the third space. (image shown below)
  2. Secure the sim with the double-sided tape. Take your time doing this, as it is crucial the sim is correctly lined up.
  3. Using the pen and the ruler mark the 5 lines across the sim that require cutting.
  4. Cut the sim across the drawn lines. Go slowly and carefully as this is the time when the sim can become damaged.
  5. Use the sandpaper or file to gently smooth out the rough edges left by the scissors. Again, be careful.

How-to-cut-Nano-SIM iphone 5 sim

You’re done . Now you have a nano sim ready for use in your brand new iPhone 5 . If you decide to use your sim in another phone that does not support the small size adapters will soon be available to allow the use of the nano sim in any phone.