Iphone 5 Prototype

Apple iPhone 5 prototype has been spotted in the Foxconn manufacturing facility of Apple . According to reports the device will have similar dimension of the current generation Iphone 4 . Apple will bring two major changes , known till now .

  • Larger Display 4″
  • Metal Back Cover

Interesting Link : iPhone 5 Pictures

iphone 5 metal back

Image of a concept Iphone 5 with metal back cover below . Please note that Apple will not drop the home button on iPhone 5 as rumored before . Instead it will make room for bigger and powerful battery, a better camera , 4G LTE chip, a Gobi CDMA/GSM chip like the Vodafone iPhone 4 , NFC for wireless electronic payments . [More about iPhone 5 with Dual Core CPU in our next post].

iphone 5 metal

The metal back cover make the iphone 5 more durable . Apple made the original iPhone with aluminium back and then the Iphone 3G and 3GS were given plastic . The iPhone 4 received glass back cover but it was not so durable causing it to shatter easily when dropped from even low heights .

iphone 5 back cover

Expected Launch Date :

Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 in late June during WWDC 2011 . However there are some rumors over its delay and the iPhone 5 releasing in year 2012 .

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