Banned iPhone 5 Commercial

Whether you are a fan of the iPhone or not this banned promotional video is bound to make you crack a smile. Playing on Apple’s seriousness about their phones and the fact they treat every update with the same wide-eyed fascination, as if even they’re surprised they came up with it, causes this video to really hit the spot.

iphone 5 video

This spoof promo talks about Apple’s new features like they are the bee’s knees whilst dropping not so subtle hints that they are, on fact, pretty standard. Jony Five talks about the ‘unique relationship’ you have with your iPhone and how it is ‘probably the object you use most in life… Aside from your shoes’. Ironically, it’s actually true with the iPhone being used massively in business as well as for pleasure.

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Talking about the iPhone’s new lightening connector also deals Apple a compliment calling the old connector technology ‘ancient’ in sarcastic tones. That’s right, Apple update their hardware even when it’s not out of date! Except of course all those old docks and equipment won’t work now .

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One of the most hilarious lines has to be: ‘We updated the camera…lens…cover’. What makes this video really great is that Apple fans can watch and laugh without being offended. We choose to buy iPhones and no funny promo or Samsung sales pitch will ever stop that .