iPhone 5 Teardown – Whats Inside an iPhone 5

The teardown of the iPhone 5 has begun. Videos are available all over the Internet and the German website iPhone-Garage released a teardown before the iPhone had even been released to the general public. So what’s behind the shiny exterior and what do the experts think ?

iphone 5 parts


The screws used to remover the casing are the same as the 4S and the first noticeable thing is the access to the inside is gained through the removal of the screen. As iFixit happily explain in their video this makes the iPhone massively more repairable than its predecessors. They say that to replace a screen on an iPhone 4S takes a whopping 38 steps and 45 minutes. An iPhone 5 replacement would take three or four steps and around ten minutes. This is a huge difference and is great news for anyone who in the future will require a new screen.

Inside the iPhone is crammed full. Along with the new sized nano sim, the lightning connector appears to be much more than just a ploy by Apple to earn more money from a new range of accessories. There is no millimeter of space that let unused and it would have been impossible for Apple to have used its standard 30 pin connector. They have packed in as much as it can and still managed to make the iPhone thinner and lighter.

iphone 5 parts

The battery is easily the biggest component and although it is only marginally more powerful than the 4S’s Apple have assured us that it will deliver longer life for our devices. Chock a block with metal-to-metal connectors, antenna, chips and microphones the iPhone 5 is certainly no airhead. Apple have utilized every available inch whilst maintaining the quality and sturdiness of the previous models.

iphone 5 parts iphone 5 parts

iphone 5 home button

iphone 5 parts

iphone 5 parts

Source : iFixit

iFixit gave the iPhone 5 a 7 reparability rating out of ten, which is a step up from the iPhone 4S and 4 who both scored 6. Well done Apple .