iPhone 5 – Now in Stock in Select Countries

After a long wait, production of Apple’s newest handset, the iPhone 5 is finally catching up with demand. The handset registered record online sales over the first weekend of release but the Cupertino Company has struggled to keep up with the high volume of phones that have been ordered.

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When the iPhone 5 first launched, those ordering from the Apple online store were subjected to a 4-week delay. This has since dropped to 1 week, and then down to a couple of business days.  Now, for the first time, stores in 5 Countries are showing the handset as being in stock. Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are the lucky ones, with others still showing 1-3 business days before shipping. However, Apple are aiming to have the iPhone 5 in stock in a further 50 countries this month.

This is good going for a phone that has only been out for a couple of months.  Now that Apple has now lifted their 2 per customer restriction, you can expect the iPhone 5 to be doing the rounds this Christmas. Other Apple products are still available for Christmas delivery; the iPad Mini can be ordered up to 12th December for guaranteed delivery before the big day, while others, such as the new 27” iMac are now looking at January or delivery.