iPhone 5 Image Leaked

This will drive you crazy . Apple iPhone 5 images have leaked . MacRumors blog reader has posted this image below of iPhone 5 which he claims to be real . The reader said , he has seen the device for about 2 minutes and carefully noticed its build. It has a thinner profile as compared to iPhone 4 .

If this report is to be believed , the 5th generation iphone can be just 7 mm thick . This is a picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator . Taking pictures of the prototype was forbidden , but the reader somehow managed to get a snap and posted it in the online forum .

iphone-5-picture 2011

Update : Here are more images from gadget blog Gizmodo with high clarity images of the rumored iphone 5 spy photos they have acquired . As you can see in the image below this phone model fits perfectly in the alleged iphone 5 silicone cases as seen in China .

Apparently we cannot be sure if this is a photoshopped image of the iPhone 4 which is made to look like the iPhone 5 . Stay tuned as we bring you the latest from iPhone 5 News and the reality behind these pictures .


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