iPhone 5 Headphones – Whats New

Probably the cutest thing Apple have ever designed, and named, has to be these new look earphones named EarPods, an obvious play on the name iPod. This new creation is very different to not just Apple’s old design of earphones, but also everyone elses. At the event Apple said that over 600 million sets of EarPods have been shipped , they are clearly expecting their design of earphone to take off.

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iphone 5 headphone

Apple claimed that the earphones have been in design for 3 years. that’s a lot of pondering time over something that a lot of other companies seem to have nailed. It’s generally agreed that the original earphones were uncomfortable to wear and didn’t provide the best sound quality. Will these be different ?

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Apple studied hundreds of ears looking for a common factor among them and rather than use the speaker as the focal design point they started with the ear and built an extension to provide high quality sound and Apple claim that the EarPods will fit snugly, comfortably and stably into any ear. The EarPod has a speaker port that is directed straight towards your ear canal and Apple claim that the EarPod, is designed by the geometry of your ear, but they don’t create a seal like other in-ear headphones do.

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The EarPods have three ports. One located at the back, for mid-tones, one in the stem and the main one that points into your ear. It is designed to maximize airflow for the sound quality.

The EarPods are available for purchase separately but come included with the new iPhone 5 , iPod Touch 5 and iPod nano, but not the shuffle. Standalone price for the ear-pod is around $35 . Available now in Amazon .

Update : Here is a tear-down of the headphone by iFixit team . It shows all the internals of the earpods . iphone 5 headphone ipod Touch 5