iPhone 5 Hammer Test

With people flooding the Internet with videos drop tests of the iPhone 5 it almost seems that more phones have been broken within the first week of release then can be expected in the next year . Although with the repairability of the phone increased since last year, iFixit rate it 7 out of 10, and with the astonishing sturdiness of the phone it wouldn’t be surprising if these phones, once replaced with a new screen, went back to 100% working order.

iphone 5 hammer test

The hammer and knife tests proves as much. Taking an iPhone that has been used for a drop test and using keys, a knife and then a hammer to see just how durable the the screen and back is. The screen was already sporting a crack in the upper right hand corner after being dropped onto concrete.

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  1. First up were the keys that were used to scratch the back as hard as possible. They caused no long-lasting damage and the visible marks that were left wiped off easily with a finger or a cloth leaving the iPhone looking just as shiny as ever. iphone 5 scratch test
  2. After that the knife was used it caused dents were it was stabbed into the casing, but the scratches mostly wiped off and left the back looking used but not overly damaged. It allowed no penetration into the workings of the phone, therefore protecting the most important parts. The knife was then used on the front, again scratching and stabbing at the pone, it had damaged the casing at the sides and had caused scuff marks. The screen, however, remained unharmed. iphone 5 abrasive test-
  3. The hammer was the ultimate test and it was used o the iPhone 5’s screen around 10 times. The crack from the earlier drop test spread down the phone but when the hammer was used on the undamaged section it made no marks.iphone 5 hammer test

The screen stayed in perfect working order and although it was obscured by the crack it could still definitely be used as normal.Here is the test video with live results .

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