6 Things to Expect in the New iPhone 5

The announcement of the iPhone 5 is drawing closer and closer. The Apple event on Wednesday is expected to be the formal declaration of the long-awaited iPhone, dubbed the ‘5’ due to Apple’s less then subtle hint on their event invites. As the date draws near there is time for one final conjecture in regards to what the iPhone 5 might have as its new and proved features.

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So here are 6 things to expect from the iPhone 5 :

1 : Surely the most well-known by now is the iPhone 5’s rumored bigger screen. A step up from all the previous models it is highly likely that the new device will be sporting a brand new 4-inch screen. A huge increase for Apple who have never increased their screen size since the first phone was released in 2007. (more information)

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2: A lot less of a dramatic change is the redesigned back expected on the phone. A harder wearing case is anticipated, as well as be lighter and thinner.(more information)

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3: The new earphones have been neither confirmed nor denied by Apple, and only came to light recently. This could be another update and will be good news for those who use their iPhone as a their primary music player. (more information)

iphone 5 headphone

4: The new 9-pin dock connector is almost a certain addition and will see the change from the same connector they have used since the very beginning to a more modern version.(more information)

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5: 4G LTE . Standing for Long Term Evolution this will be a welcome addition to the iPhone, making for faster web browsing and greater bandwidth speeds.

6: Although this is not just for the iPhone it impacts it greatly, iOS 6. Although the there have been spoof accounts of thumbprint unlocking capabilities this iOS certainly will change quite a lot. A reinvented SIRI, great news for those who live outside of the USA who will now get more from the automated Personal Assistant. It will also see Pass Book, an integrated Facebook and updated Mail and Phone apps.(more information)

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