iPhone 5 Features – Nano Sim – 4G LTE

According to a latest report from a source verified by BGR tech blog  , the 6th generation iPhone is under Engineering Verification Stage 3 – EVT3, which is the third in line revision phase of the mobile’s engineering test stage. After EVT3, the new design will be put to measure in the “Design Verification Test” phase. This is the final stage after which iPhone 5 will go into mass production. The assembly of the parts have already started at Foxconn . Read here .

Update – How to make Nano Sim at Home for iPhone 5 .

Image below : 19 Pin USB Port on alleged iPhone 5 prototype

iphone 5 19 pin usb cable

Nano Sim Card Support :

Nano SIM cards are are approximately 40% smaller than the current generation Micro SIM that are used in Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S . BGR’s exclusive report confirms that iPhone 5 will indeed support Nano- Sim cards. The report also claims that multiple carriers including AT&T have received these Nano-SIM card adapters from Apple for compatibility testing on their respective networks using standard test devices before they are widely deployed when the new iPhone 5 is launched .

nano sim iphone 5 sim nano

4G LTE :

The BGR report also confirms that the iPhone 5 will have 1GB RAM and 4G LTE support for high-speed data transmission . The hardware is upgraded to support the high speeds .

NFC : Not Released in 2012

In the confirmation list there is a mention of NFC technology . Most high-end devices from competing vendors like Samsung have already introduced this feature on their phones . With Samsung mobile increasing its hold in the smart phone market share, this is the first real test of Apple. The iPhone has enjoyed the authority since the very first phone hit the market in year 2007. But now smart devices from Samsung is rivaling its long dominance with cheaper, high selling and built with stronger hardware than the iPhone.

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