iPhone 5 Drop Text vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple’s newest Smartphone has only been out one day and already people are throwing it around in an effort to test its durability and strength. In the video between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 it wasn’t hard to imagine which would come out on top. Apple makes their phones with the expectation that they will become an extra limb and one that is liable to be dropped every now and then during its every day usage.

iphone 5 drop test

The new iPhone is made completely from glass and aluminium and compared to the plastic-y feel of the galaxy looks like it means business.
The drops, performed by Android Authority in Hong Kong, feature the phones being dropped onto a concrete floor. The drops are meant to simulate the most common ways an owner would drop their phone. Number one being when you take the phone out of your pocket and accidentally drop it, number two being when you are lifting the phone to your ear and it slides from your grip and number three when you are talking on the phone accidentally let it go.

iPhone 5 Drop Test Results : (Watch the YouTube Video below)

  1. The first drop between the two phones, from pocket height, results in an unharmed Galaxy and an iPhone suffering mild cosmetic damage. Score one for the Galaxy.
  2. The second drop from shoulder height sees the Galaxy with a smashed screen and the iPhone with a small dent and another few scratches. A definite win for the iPhone!
  3. The third drop from ear height sees the Galaxy break apart and the smash on the screen worsen. The iPhone again only receives mild damage to edges. Both phones still work and the LCD on the iPhone remains completely unharmed, showing up its biggest rival’s lack of endurance.
  4. The last drop, only performed on the poor iPhone, sees it dropped from head height and again suffers no serious damage. It works, still looks pretty and shows just how tough the casing and screen is.

The drops are not made with extreme force and they provide an accurate, although unscientific, and non-exaggerated example of both phones durability. Although no one buys a phone based solely on how hard-wearing it is it may play a big factor for anyone who knows they are clumsy or likely to be taking their phone into a possibly hazardous environment.

Drop Test by iFixYourI Team : YouTube Video

As both phones are pretty level on the features ladder it’s something like the sturdiness of the iPhone that will sell it to consumers. How many people lament the invention of the Smartphone because, I know I’ll break it ? A test like this proves that you have to treat your iPhone pretty badly and over a long period of time before it gives in the ghost. And even if it does chances are it will still be perfectly usable ,  just not quite a pretty .

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