iPhone 5 Case Leaked – Indicate Camera Redesign

While there is a debate going on over the name of next generation iphone , will it be called an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S , we have more leaks coming up . Recently online shopping site Alibaba revealed cases for the iphone with two rear holes . It appears to us that the iPhone Flash has been moved to the other side of the phone [image below].

iPhone 5-case

As we have already published about a redesign done to the iphone screen, which is now edge to edge with a thinner bezel [images] . This is similar to iPhone 5 Concept we posted earlier having two rear camera like components.

Update : 9to5Mac blog has posted fresh pictures of leaked parts which belong to iPhone 5 front and rear camera . As you can see from the images below , the new camera module don’t come with the flash component . This further confirms that the LED Flash is now relocated , possibly in the position shown in the case above. We presume this change is to avoid of any interference to the camera lens from the flash while taking pictures .

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