iPhone 5 Display Quality Test vs Galaxy S3

DisplayMate is a highly respected company that specializes in the testing of image quality. Their series of Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out tests, compared the iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the older model iPhone 4 to see what improvements had been made. The results were not what you might expect as although the S3 boasts a larger screen and Full HD resolution once you read on you will realize the screen quality is not determined by these factors alone, and in fact higher specs on smartphones do not guarantee the best picture quality overall.

iPhone-5-Galaxy-S-III vs iphone 5

The S3 is heralded as the one of the best smartphones mainly due to its high specs and large screen, but it not only failed in the speed test against the iPhone 5, but is also, quite startlingly, behind in screen quality as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s 4.8 inch display has an excellent 1280 x 720 pixels against the iPhone 5’s 1136 x 640, something that is a definite plus in its favour. However, this is not the determining factor in the tests and the iPhone sneakily trumps the Galaxy’s display by offering a pixel density of 326 ppi (pixels per inch) to the S3’s 306 – a lower count even lower than the iPhone 4 .

iPhone 5 Display Quality Test Report : ( vs iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3 )

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5

iphone 5 display quality test report vs galaxy s3

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The test was conclusive. Although DisplayMate claimed there was a lot of room for improvement on the iPhone 5’s screen, it was also one of the best they have tested to date and beat the Galaxy hands down. The iPhone is the brightest smart phone they have ever tested, it ha one of the lowest screen Reflectance values they have ever measured, it has the highest rating for Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light they have ever tested on a mobile device and it’s Colour Gamut and Factory Calibration is topped only by the new iPad.

The points for improvement were like most smartphones the White Point was somewhat like blue and that when running at maximum brightness its battery life decreased to a running time than the iPhone 4.

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While DisplayMate were clearly encouraging of Samsung’s own OLED technology unfortunately it just doesn’t have the winning factor. The tests concluded that the maximum brightness of the S3 was around half of the iPhone’s due to power limits and the concern of premature ageing of the OLEDs, the Colour Gamut is significantly larger than the standard Colour Gamut, but this is not a good thing as it leads to colour distortion and exaggeration. Couple that the fact the Colour Gamut is lopsided and the green is far more saturated than the red and blue, which adds a greenish caste to many images and causing the pictures to appear over saturated and gaudy.

To conclude: the iPhone 5 has a better display than very other single smartphone available.

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