iPhone 5 Benchmark Test – Beats all Android Phones

Here are the first iPhone 5 benchmark test results on the web , made available by Primate Labs . The results shown here is based on the performance test done on iPhone 5 running iOS 6 with a Dual-Core 1.02 GHz ARMv7 processor and 1GB of RAM. The GeekBench test result comes with a total score of 1601 for the iPhone 5 , where as the highest score for any Android phone is 1591 (Asus Nexus 7) . Samsung Galaxy S3 scored the second highest among Android phones , a total of 1560 . You can read the complete iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 review in our previous blog post .

apple a6 vs samsung exynos 4 vs nvidia tegra t3

Performance Test Results :

According to test results it appears that the dual core (2 cores) iPhone 5 A6 processor running on 1.02 Ghz packs in more power than the quad core (4 cores) Samsung Galaxy s3 Exynos 4412 1400 MHz , HTC One X’s NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30 1500 MHz (4 cores) and Nexus 7’s NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30L 1300 MHz (4 cores). After the iPhone 5 is shipped this Friday , we expect to see a lot more performance tests done on the iPhone 5 , including drop test and other durability tests . Stay tuned .

iphone 5 vs android benchmart test-

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Here is the recent update from SunSpider who tests iPhone 5 against the JavaScript engine . iPhone 5 outperforms all competitors (android) including Intel’s Atom Z2460 processor powered device in the benchmark test . Image below .

iphone 5 test java engine speed


YouTube Video :

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