iPhone 5 A6 Processor Dynamically Varies Clock Speed for Performance

Reports are being made of the iPhone 5’s A6 processing chip is able to drastically over, and under, work itself depending on the workload it is dealing with.

apple a6 vs samsung exynos 4 vs nvidia tegra t3

Benchmark tests have caught the chip working at as little as 500 MHz and up to 1.30 MHz. This is quite a jump from the original analysis that had Geekbench clocking the chip at 1.02 GHz and shows how the phone is made to conserve battery life whenever possible.

Although the ability for chips to do this is not new as Apple design all their chips ‘in-house’ it is a testament to their dedication that they are able to keep up with companies such as Nvidia and Qualcomm. It also appears that Apple haven’t got smug after being declared the fastest smartphone out there as AppleInsider report that :

Apple has been actively courting experienced employees at TI to help design and support its internal A-series chips. Unlike TI, which had to account for significant overhead with its chip clients related to managing documentation and support for various OMAP chips and features, Apple is the only consumer of its internally designed A-series chips. That frees the company to focus on building only what it wants and needs, and it doesn’t have to communicate with third parties about the intricacies of how its silicon works.

iphone 5 speed

Apple are clearing embracing TI’s, Texas Instrument’s, knowledge in order to continually improving the design, speed and performance of their processors. Along side the A6 chip are 3 GPU chips and a dual ARM core. The GPUs, Graphics Processing Units, and these are what gives the iPhone its amazingly smooth graphics for games, videos and apps.