Best iPhone 5 Concepts of 2012

As the dates of iPhone 5 release come close (scheduled on 12th September 2012) we bring you the Top iPhone 5 2012 Concepts we have seen so far . If you want to see the most recent iPhone 5 leak , go to this post .The images shown here are merely an artists imagination of what the iPhone 5 2012 should look like .

HTC Like iPhone 5 Design :

This is a design inspired by HTC’s large touch screen phones . I am not a big fan of this concept but with a larger 4 inch screen rumored in iPhone 5 , this is a viable design to consider .


HTC-Like-iPhone-5 2012

iPhone 5 with 360 degree Speakers :

This is an interesting concept where you can find the entire body of the iPhone has this speaker like mesh . The home button is not a  physical button , instead it is touch sensitive .

iphone 5 home button

iPhone Spyder :

This is a rather creepy iPhone design with spider-like legs getting hold on your hand . The designer tried to create something resembling a bug or a spider attached to your hand and functioning like a phone .


Liquid Metal iPhone 5 Concept :

This model became very popular soon after Apple bought the company , Liquidmetal Inc developed by a California Institute of Technology (Caltech) research team . It is a high performance metal alloy that is used in a broad range of military, medical, luxury, consumer, industrial, and sporting goods products .

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal

Edge to Edge Screen Concept iPhone 5 :

This is a 4.5″ display with edge to edge touch screen . This is the largest iPhone 5 design we have seen so far . Its wide-screen will make it hard to hold on one hand and use the thumb to operate the touch screen .

Curved Back – Magic Mouse like Design :

Disadvantage of this design is , you have to keep it face down on a table every tine and the curved back wont settle on any flat surface . This will leave scratches and is not a very practical design .


Steve Jobs Concept – iPhone 5 :

This concept was released designed to Late Steve Jobs . This has a fair resemblance to the latest iPhone 5 leak  except for the 19 pin dock and new headphone input .



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