iPhone 5 – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The new iPhone is here , and yes it is called the iPhone 5 . After a long wait Apple launched their sixth generation iPhone. Here are all the new features you need to know . We will be updating this articles with more links and details to each new addition Apple made .

Width, Height and Casing:

iphone 5 size-

The first thing to be announced about the new updated phone was it?s metal back, in fact the whole phone is made of nothing except glass and aluminum. At 7.6 mm thick it is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S and is also 20% lighter at a meagre 112 grams.


iphone 5 vs iphone 4s

The screen has grown half an inch to be 4-inches, and what some feared, but has now been confirmed as untrue, is that the iPhone 5 would lose width as it gained the height. However, Apple have not landed us with that bombshell and this phone will be the same width as all the others before it. The extra height has allowed for an extra row of apps has been added to the screen making 5 rows plus the navigation bar. The iPhone 5 boasts 44% more colour saturation.


The phone features LTE technology and is being used to power the Ultra Fast Wireless. Samsung have confirmed they will sue should the Apple product contain the technology; looks like Apple weren’t scared off though . LTE is the fastest wireless connection available. To give you some idea of the speed: if LTE is 100 on a scale then Edge, that little “E” you get when 3G is unavailable, is at a mere 34.

lte 4g iphone 5

The carrier coverage of the LTE seems impressive and will, thankfully, not limit the technology only to the US but will available in Canada, Asia and Europe, all be it on select carriers. WiFi is upgraded to “n” , which means now you get download/uploads speeds of 150 Mbps on your iPhone 5 from the earlier 54 Mbps. This is very helpful while doing iTunes Sync over WiFi home network .


a6 processor iphone 5

We can expect 2x faster graphics and CPU with the addition of the long-awaited A6 chip! Everything about the phone is affected by this addition and Apple state that the processor will allow the launch of apps to be 2.1x faster than before as well as the saving of images being 1.7x faster, loading music apps with songs will be 1.9x faster and viewing a keynote attachment will be 1.7x faster.


Next came the run down of the battery life. It’s quite remarkable considering that the A6 chip must be rather power-hungry. On standby the phone will last 225 hours, listening to music 40 hours, video and WiFi browsing 10 hours each and LTE browsing, 3G browsing and 3G talking 8 hours each.


iphone 5 camera

For the Instagram obsessives out there it will be a shame to hear that the iPhone 5 will not feature a higher pixel camera then it?s 4S brother but stay at 8 megapixels. It will, however, feature backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens and f/2.4 aperture, a dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment and a sapphire crystal cover. The good old A6 chip comes into play here too with 40% faster image capture as well as helping to reduce noise on the pictures.

As well as a shared photo stream it will also have a Panorama view. The phone will have 1080p HD video capture, improved stabilization and the ability to snap a photo whilst recording . Face-time will see an update from a VGA camera to a 720p as well as allowing FaceTime over cellular connection and not just WiFi.

Picture taken with iPhone 5 :

iphone 5 camera picture quality-


The enhanced audio gives us better voice recognition (perfect for Siri), noise reduction and three microphones at the front, bottom and back.

iphone 5 2012 new

Something called wide-band audio has been announced, it needs to be compatible with your carrier, no news of which ones these may be, but it is a wider spectrum of audio. Apple didn’t go into much detail but it could be something we will be hearing a lot about over the coming weeks. The speakers will have five magnet transducer .

Connector – Lightning USB:

lightning usb connector

The connector that Apple have used for the last 9 years is being replaces with the new Lightening connector. It is so much smaller then the old 15-pin connector and looks much smoother and neater. For those who have a lot of the old connective equipment, never dear, Apple are launching a range of products to help old accessories connect to the new phones. Companies have already started making docks and speakers for the new connection.

Earpods :

earpods iphone 5 headphone

The earphones that come with the phone have also been changed. They now have the amazing name : EarPods ! These will fit snugly into your ear and when they come with the iPhone they have a microphone and speaker. Designed for maximum airflow to enhance the sound quality this new little addition is guaranteed to create interest as they are different from all other earphones out there . You can read more about new iPhone 5 headphones features – price – availability and more here . Buy Online .

Along with the new look iTunes and iOS 6 this phone promising to be the best iPhone yet.

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