iPhone 4S Insurance Plans in United Kingdom

With the new age of smart phones comes a new age of over priced insurance plans. Do you really need to spend an extra £20 a month on insuring a phone that could possibly never break or get lost? And is the knowledge that if that never does happen you’ve lined already wealthy pockets with even more money for absolutely no reason ?

broken iphone 5 insurance iphone 4s

If you think this is a bit out-of-order too then read on.

So no one wants to pay over the odds, especially for something they may never make use of. BUT peace of mind is a nice thing to have and something that we certainly do pay for all the time. So here are three of the best ways to insure an iPhone 4S cost effectively and without breaking the bank.

1. Your Bank

Yes. Surprisingly banks offer iPhone insurance that is very reasonable. For example take Barclay’s. Should you open a joint account for you and your spouse, or even if you wanted it purely for the insurance, you and a sibling or friend. They charge £7.50 for insuring two phones and there is no charge for the account provided money is going in each month. So you and you mate can save up for a holiday at the same time as getting really reasonable insurance.

2. Protect Your Bubble

One of the most popular insurance providers for all manner of gadgets and gizmos. Protect Your Bubble offers iPhone 4S insurance for £5.99 a month, a bit different from your service provider’s quote, eh ?

Insurance Plans for iPhone 4s

The list of protection is impressive including, accidental damage, water damage, theft, worldwide protection up to ninety days for a single trip and mechanical breakdown outside of your Apple warranty. Comprehensive cover along with promises of iPhone replacement in 48 hours as well as unauthorized call coverage makes this an excellent option for anyone who can’t fork out for a replacement should the worst happen. For more information visit uk.protectyourbubble.com

3. Budget Mobile Cover

Very similar to Protect Your Bubble in quotations and services. The main difference lies in the protection against theft that the two companies offer. Budget Mobile Cover asks an extra £1 for cover against loss and theft whereas Protect Your Bubble automatically covers theft but not loss, that costs an extra £1.

Without the extra protection they both cost £5.99 a month and with the extra it is £6.99 a month. Budget Mobile Cover also, and this is quite important, will pay for up to £1000 in unauthorized calls, more than most other companies. As the phone is primarily for that very use it would seem prudent to get as much protection for that as possible. Of course once your phone has been reported stolen your service provider will shut it down – but it’s better to be safe than sorry . Budget Mobile Cover doesn’t tie you in to a twelve-month contract meaning you can leave at any time.

So there you have the best three mobile insurance policies for the iPhone 4S. If you are living outside UK , here are some iPhone insurance plans that might suit you . For more information visit budgetmobilecover.co.uk

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