Smart Cover for iPhone 4 – iPhone 4S

A startup based in Chicago has come up with a smart cover solution for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S . Unlike the iPad smart cover , this will cover the rear of the iPhone 4 and not its screen . It will act as a stand and headphone cable manager . Made from am identical material used in the original iPad smart cover TidyTilt iPhone Smart Cover has many uses (listed below) . Also watch the video at the end of the article to see the smart cover in action .

Uses :

  • Facetime : TidyTilt can be used as a kickstand for iPhone during Facetime .
  • Videos : The foldable smart cover allows you to keep the phone an a table at a viewable angle for watching videos .
  • Magnetic Rear : You can stick the iPhone 4 on surfaces which are magnetic like a metal whiteboard or fridge door .
  • Protection : The rear cover and stainless steel frame protects the iPhone from scratches

iphone 4 smart cover iphone 4s

Cons :

The smart cover is magnetic and hence can affect the applications which depend on magnetic orientation like the Compass app . While using such applications it is advised to remove the TidyTilt smart cover and swing your phone in the direction of eight .

Availability :

Expected to be launched by January 29th of this year , TidyTilt will be priced at $19 . The smart cover will be available in shades of black, blue, green and pink . Since this is a startup , the guys behind the product are looking for pre-order to finance the production .

Source : Kickstarter