Iphone 4 Signal Mystery Finally Solved

Well, the truth is finally out. Iphone 4 sensitivity to fingers explained by a Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry is finally solved. Iphone 4 will loose signal quality no matter how you grip it and do zillions or gazillions of firmware upgrades .
Steve Jobs solves the ‘crisis’ and gives helpless iphone users a tricky solution . The answer lies in this picture below .


Important : Do Try This A Home , and let us know how you did it.

Update : One of our readers Bob just tried it and and smashed his brand new iPhone 4. I forgot to mention that iphone 4 was manufactured and tested in “No Gravity Zone [Space] “, so its susceptible to Earthly gravity and drops from even 1 feet may causeĀ  unrepairable cracks. So kindly test on soft surface.

Iphone Space Manufacturing Unit

iphone 4 space station