Iphone 4 Signal Problem – Reason – Easy Fix

Iphone users reported that covering the bottom left side of the iPhone 4 with their palm or fingers caused it to lose reception and cause call drops. Here we have a temporary fix to this . You can stick a band-aid like strip in the side of your iphone to cover  and avoid any finger touch.

Note : Antenna -Aid is for entertainment purpose only.

iphone antenna solution

A post-doctoral biochemistry fellow at a leading American university has told Wired [A leading gadget blog] that Apple likely missed the iPhone 4’s reception issues due to manufacturing glitches and lack of proper test.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s celebrated CEO, reportedly receives and responds to emails from customers. He is a genius of marketing, every time he responds to a email it generates millions in publicity with out paying a single dime . Take a look at this email sent to Steve Jobs and a couple other Apple employees . I wonder how he responded to that.


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Subject: How ToFix Signal Issue for minimal cost — hydrophobic organic thin film layer