Resale Tips to get Better Value for your Used iPhone

In our previous article we listed the Best places to Sell your old iPhone 4 . In this article we will give you Tips to get better value for your used iPhone and get more cash for your next upgrade – iPhone 5 .

Tip 1 : Clean your device

iphone 4 cleaner - cleaning solution You must clean your device and remove any visible dirt and scratches . Use scratch removal solutions where possible . You can get lint free micro fibre cloth with ammonia free screen cleaning solution like iClean which is recommended for such purpose .  Remove dust from the headphone jack , speakers and USB connector port using compressed air or a brush .

Tip 2 : Remove Jailbreak and Factory Restore


If you have ever jailbroken your device , it is a good idea not to mention it on your listing . Though jailbreaking do not affect the hardware and is completely reversible , some people have a different thought about this . To remove jailbreak you need to restore it to factory default by using the “RESTORE” button on iTunes . You can also “UPDATE“it to the latest firmware during the restoration process. Both the processes removes jailbreak¬† .

Tip 3 : Remove Personal Details from the phone

reset option iphone 4

To remove all personal details like contacts , text messages , bookmarks , recent calls , emails , apps and settings use the Reset option available on the Phone . Reset can be done by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings . Dont forget to remove your micro sim card before shipping .

Tip 4 : Proper Packaging

Use the original packaging with the bill when shipping your iPhone 4 . Make sure it includes all the package items like USB cable , headphones , charger , pin used for micro sim removal and user manual (as shown in the image above) .

Tip 5 : Find the right place to Sell

This step is covered in our previous post where we list the best online portals where you can directly sell or list your device for sale to potential buyers . Read Best Places to Sell used iPhone 4 .